Lego 41007 Friends – Heartlake Pet Salon

The Heartlake Pet Salon is a new 2013 set with two girls, Emma and Joanna, a big salon with a huge quantity of nice tools and accessories, a nice bath for the dogs with some golden taps, all within a total of two hundred and forty two pieces and as usual in friends theme, an enormous quantity of different color pieces.

Stating by the smaller parts, it’s impressive the bunch of different stuff that the girls have at their disposal to feed and take care of the dogs. Quickly we can easily find: some brushes, combs and even a dryer for the dog, there are lots of different accessories for the ladies’ hair such as stars, butterflies or sunglasses, and finally there is room for a bowl, a bucket and two boxes filled with toys.

Talking about the building, first of all, it makes me remind the City Park café, 3061, perhaps for its big glazed surface almost all around the entire front. This salon is built up on a couple of blue plates with straight and curved glass all over its front and on both sides. In the middle, the door with a yellow knob leads the way to the interior. In terms of decoration, at the front, there are some flowers and a few birds’ little houses which in my opinion are very simple and at the same time rather accurate.

Inside where the fun begins there is space for the animals to play with some toys, while they wait for their turn, there is a cash register in the middle and at the opposite corner there are placed all the beauty and care elements for the dogs, namely all the bunch of accessories that I spoke before.

Inside or outside, depending on where you want to put them, there are also some quite interesting features: there is a nice exhibitor with food and accessories for the animals, each one of them marked with a different price, and a nice bath and a rose bowl for Emma and Joanna to give a nice bath to the puppies making that way a real good job.

For about thirty dollars, it surely looks a real nice deal because the bunch of features, colors and accessories definitely worth the price. Next January have a look at it on your local store.

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