Lego 41006 – Downtown Bakery

The Downtown Bakery is a new friends building with two ladies: Danielle and Mia. With more than two hundred and fifty pieces, at the first glance we might think that it is more of the same but actually there are a few interesting differences specially the part of being a nice corner building, which I think is different from all the rest.

The set, as usual, brings a great color combination with plenty of different shades- I guess that there are a couple of new on the theme – and a bunch of new details not only inside but also in the outside. Besides the building and the two dolls, there is also a big oven for baking the cakes and an expositor to sell them to the costumers.

Having a look at the sidewalk, we can see that there are a couple of flow beds, a garbage can and even an emergency water pump. Both sides of the bakery have big windows and awnings for the sun and the entrance is exactly on the corner with a big glass door and an entry black and white carpet. There are stickers everywhere not only in the walls but also in the big entrance outdoor.

Inside the space is considerably big. There is room for the bakery counter which has a nice cash register (this one is a printed piece), a pink phone and a big blue worktop. At the corner, near the window there is a nice round cake expositor which will delight all the costumers that will peek through the window.

As usual, there is a lot of different tools such forms, mixers, extinguishers in case of emergency and lots of different types of cakes. In terms of playability it is rather nice, especially when you have near by a couple of additional friends sets. Thirty dollars look a fair price for this interesting building.

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