Lego 41004 Friends – Rehearsal Stage

The Rehearsal stage is a new friends’ set that will soon be available on stores. With almost two hundred pieces, it has Stephanie, the mini-doll as the main character and a bunch of great features and details over two separated areas: a big stage with two nice speakers and a back stage with a nice makeup table.

I honestly must say that for me this is not one of the most enthusiastic sets the enormous quantity of different colors of the set surely brings something new to any town. The back stage, built on a small brown base, has a nice mirror with a couple of lights, and a lot of accessories such as perfume, a glass of water, a hair brush and even a vase with flowers. The girls will surely be delighted with this part.

Talking about the front stage, it has at the back a big column made bricks of different colors that is the base of all the show lights. But in the middle, there is surely the best part. A 360º rotating base allows the main stage to appear and disappear, alternating whenever Stephanie wants, with a nice and big mirror.

Besides this huge and unusual feature, the stage has everything for Stephanie to perform a great rehearsal such as a beautiful guitar, a microphone, a interesting decoration, and even a small path next to the public area.

Globally, this is a nice fifteen dollars set, not one of my favorites as I said before, but surely very pleasant for the girls to perform some rehearsals with Stephanie. Please have a look at the gallery, below:

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