Lego 41003 Friends – Olivia’s Foal

Olivia’s Foal is a new friends’ set that has been recently released in a few countries and through what I’ve seen on some short reviews, it will certainly be more of the same in terms or color, beauty and playability. With less than hundred pieces this set has Olivia as the main character, a nice little horse, a fountain and a tap, a tree, a red wheelbarrow and lots of nice accessories.

The little white horse is a new figure, for now exclusive to the set. In its back there is a little hole that allows to apply and change all those girl’s elements. The tap with its little base is quite well thought and easily it can be built, even if you have the set, because all its little pieces are rather common in other sets.

The fountain is the most colored part of the set and besides the bowl for the water, it has also some food (a big carrot and a cereal’s burden) for the horse and plenty of different tools for Olivia treat it well. And if they weren’t enough, the wheelbarrow is also filled with plenty of different stuff.

Finally, there is the big tree (compared of course with the rest…) that is quite usual in this theme, made with brown pieces and some green branches. Globally it’s a ten dollar set, perhaps one of the smallest next year, but surely a nice addition especially for the girls who have already bigger sets.

Please, have a look at the gallery, below:

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