Lego 41001 – Mia’s Magic Tricks

The Mia’s Magic Trick is another friends set, recently released, where Mia with the help of her friend, the little rabbit, will present a few magic tricks. The set with exactly ninety pieces has, besides the two mentioned characters, a big magic box, a nice black round table and a small stage entrance for the show.

The most interesting part of the set is obviously the magic box where Mia has definitely the possibility of showing some tricks. Built over a few technic pieces it has a couple of small doors at the front through where the white rabbit enters and once those doors close, inside there is a small trapdoors, triggered at the back that allows to animal to escape or fall to the box interior without being seen.

The small entrance built with a couple of light brown columns,has two purple curtains decorated with a couple of golden stars and a black heat on the top. The round table, built up on a red feet, has some flowers and a few magic cards which definitely are a unique printed piece.

Finally, Mia is really very beautiful with her black suite and long brown hear. Unlike other friends’ sets, even of similar size, this Magic Tricks doesn’t have many accessories for Mia and she will have to perform only with her magic wand and the spoken magic cards.

Globally for ten dollars this is an interesting set, although, I must say, not one of my favorites. Ten dollars look like a fair price, however the playability will easily look a bit repetitive. If necessary, the instructions can be downloaded from here.

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