Lego 40124 Winter Fun and 40125 Santa’s Visit were unveiled

Two Christmas seasonal sets were unveiled in an Afol Group on Facebook. The pictures are part of a back cover and show the Winter fun (40124) and the Santa’s Visit (40125) that are quite similar in terms of size and probably in terms of price, to the already known Trick or Treat (40122) and the Thanksgiving Feast (40123).

The Winter Fun features a small outdoor vignette covered with snow and built upon an 8*8 plate. The set includes also two mini-figures (a couple of boys) with some accessories, a small snowmobile, a dog (through the image it looks a Husky) and a small tree at a

The other one, the Santa’s Visit, is much cosier, and shows a nice living room fire place with a sofa, a center table with some drinks, a cat, and lots of Christmas elements that include a few lights on the wall and a small Christmas tree. Unlike the Winter Fun, this set has only a mini-figure, Santa.

There isn’t for now any information or rumor about its price or availability.

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