Lego 40122 – Halloween Trick or Treat Seasonal Set

A new seasonal set, Halloween Trick or Treat, has been revealed, as usual, on Eurobricks. It looks reasonably interesting, featuring a small vignette with plenty of small details, a black tree with green branches, a couple of mini-figures (a skeleton and a boy with a witch heat) and a few additional accessories.

The vignette is built up on an 8×8 plate and shows a small house with a black roof and a skeleton at the door, and lots of small details everywhere, namely a small path in the garden, three pumpkins and even a big red spider in the wall. Globally, I must say that I liked this small scenario! The kid with the heat and the witch’s broom is also pretty nice as well as the always interesting skeleton.

The set will have only one hundred and thirty three pieces and should retail only at shop@home and Lego Stores, in September, with a price around the ten dollars which definitely seems least quite attractive!

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