Lego 40121 – The Seasonal Easter Set

The 2015 Easter set was already know since a few weeks but I didn’t have much time to have a closer look to it. It is slightly bigger than the Valentine’s Day Dinner set, featuring more than hundred and fifty bricks that include a vignette with two mini-figures (a girl and a kid) in a kitchen trying to paint a few hard-boiled eggs.

The kitchen includes a small window with curtains, a shelf on the top with a few bottles and a clock and plenty of small elements such an oven in the edge, a small dishwasher with a tap and even a coffee machine.

The floor looks also pretty nice with a chess color scheme and in the center there’s a small table with four eggs ready to be painted. Looking at both pictures I must say the not only the boy doesn’t seem very happy with the painting but most of all, he seems to have a dual printed face.

The mini-figures aren’t particularly new in terms of details, they’re just city guys but I must say that I especially enjoy the kid’s shirt with the astronaut. Overall, it looks pretty but no more than that! The set should be available by March at and retail around the ten dollars, perhaps a bit more. Enjoy the pics!

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