Lego 40120 – A Possible Marriage Proposal

There’s no official name for this small set, for now, but all the pictures suggest that we’re in presence of a really pleasant restaurant table, perfect for a romantic marriage proposal. The set brings a hundred and forty pieces and a set box with plenty of hearts which might suggest that it will be released thinking on next Valentine’s Day.

This small set includes two mini-figures, obviously a couple nicely dressed, a round table for two with two seats, a beautiful engagement ring with a small red gift box, flowers for the lady, some crystal glasses and a bottle to celebrate and of course the restaurant wall that includes two lamps and some light brow curtains.

The release date is not know it, but I guess that we’ll see it on Lego stores in the following weeks with a retail price around the ten dollars which would certainly be fair enough attempting to its size. Meanwhile have a look at the gallery and enjoy!

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