Lego 40106 – Elves Workshop

The Elves workshop is a small seasonal set that will be available shortly at shop@lego and Lego Stores but only as an offer for purchases of ninety nine dollars or more. And definitely it’s a pity because, I don’t have a Lego store nearby and the small workshop would certainly be a nice addition to my small town.

With hundred and seven pieces, it features a nice workshop with plenty of little details, two elves, lots of small tool and accessories (the mechanics in the garage will certainly be jealous of such a huge quantity of tools) and a few small toys made by them such as a green locomotive, a yellow bulldozer and even a small nutcracker.

Built up on a 8*6 plate, inside we can see plenty of tools, all carefully arranged on top in small clips, a nice workbench with a couple of oil cans and a small lamp just up on them. And best of all: the small lathe on the edge with the blue handle! Simply awesome!

If you look at it from the outside, there is nothing but a couple of walls with a golden window and a small white roof remembering Christmas and the winter. And of course, you’ll also find in order to give a little bit of extra confusion, all the big mess and presents made by them which certainly won’t fit inside the small workshop.

Have a look at the gallery and enjoy!

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