Lego 40079 – The Mini VW T1 Camper Van Polybag

The Mini Volkswagen T1 is a great Creator polybag based on its bigger and more detailed brother, 10220, the VW T1 Camper Van. With exactly seventy six pieces this is definitely a nostalgic model because this year, Volkswagen has finally decided to end the production of this epical vehicle from which the first units appeared for more than sixty years.

Unfortunately, and for now, this officially licensed set it is only available in or Lego retail stores during September and only for purchases over the eighty dollars.

This small vehicle is only four dots wide which is quite pleasant not only because gives this model a bit of vintage look but most of all it will integrate perfectly with models of different types such as the older cars, the new tow truck and at I glance I think that I can transport it in the Cargo Train.

In terms of building, as expected, it is quite simple and fast, and with the exception of the roof, the shapes are totally square which fits perfectly for this model. At the front there is an interesting detail, the sticker with the VW logo that unquestionably gives the Van the complete identification of what it is.

Inside, unfortunately, there is no room for a normal mini-figure, however I think that the oldest vintage guys might fit in the interior. In terms of comparison with the big brother the similarities are quite clear as well as the color scheme and I must say that I will certainly be a bit upset for not getting one of these.

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