Lego 40058 and 40059 – A couple of new seasonal sets!

Brickset has posted a couple of pictures about two new seasonal sets: 40058 – Decorating the tree and 40059 – The Santa Sleigh. The big Christmas tree seems the bigger of the two, with about hundred and fifteen pieces but the Santa Sleigh is not very far with almost eighty small pieces.

The Christmas tree decoration is made with many small pieces but at the same time with plenty of nice details. I would say that with a bit of luck it’s extremely easy to reproduce this set at home because if you have a close look at the picture you’ll see that the used pieces are rather common in other sets.

The tree is built up on a grey base and has three layers of branches, all with plenty of colored lights. There are gifts everywhere with different colors and I especially enjoyed that little blue train. With around ten pieces it looks pretty cool. The stepladder is also cleverly made with two fence’s bricks and has the appropriate height for the two kids to decorate the tree.

Having a look at the Santa Sleigh, which comes with two mini-figures (Santa and a kid with a police walkie-talkie) I must say that I laughed a bit when I saw the Reindeer horns, they simply look two little doll loops. The Sleigh looks also very good with a bunch of colored gift at the back and a nice seat for Santa. The attaching mechanism seems also very simple but at the same time sturdy enough for some good hours of fun.

Globally, these are definetely two nice additions to the winter sets but at the moment, unfortunately there are no details about its availability or price. Just like I read in several places, they will be probably some exclusive polybags from a unique retail distributor or even from Lego stores.

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