Lego 3935 – Stephanie’s Pet Patrol

It is not a 2013 set, it is not be best or the prettiest friends’ set, but it is still a good theme’s entrance for those young girls that have an older brother that simply doesn’t let them touch on their precious Lego or cars. And as always, it keeps the good habit of having a bunch of unusual colors that is definitely one of the added values of this theme.

The Stephanie’s pet’s patrol is a 2012 set with only seventy three pieces but enough to build an ATV with a small trailer, a garden with a couple of flowers and a bunny’s little house. There isn’t much to say about the house or even the small garden but I’m sure that the girls will love that rabbit’s sweet face.

On the other hand, the ATV surely brings some playability to the set. Its wheels are big, slightly bigger than the usual city wheels, the wheels arches are also a bit more raised than usual and the handle bar at the front is movable, turning left or right every time it is necessary. Talking about the trailer, it is surely the worst part of this vehicle.It is shorter than the ATV, its wheels are two sizes down which puts it on a sloped position every time it is towed. Perhaps it will be a detail to change next on further releases. Finally there aren’t many tools or accessories, only a carrot for the white bunny.

Please, have a look at additional pictures:

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