Lego City 3661 – Bank and Money Transfer

The City bank is a 2011 set and is surely indispensable in every town. It has the two floors building that includes an ATM, a police vehicle, a realistic collector’s van, a motorcycle, four mini figures (a policeman , a thief, a transporter and a business woman) and plenty of accessories that includes four money bags, two small safety deposit boxes, a bag for the thief and the usual officer’s walkie talkie.

Starting by the Van, it looks quite robust and “cubic”, typical of this kind of vehicles where safety is the most important thing. Until certain point it has a standard building, similar to other police vehicles. The values’ compartment is big, and is basically divided in two parts. One with four small divisions for the money bags and the left space, near the side door, is for the deposit boxes. As it would be expectable the rear parts have no kind of windows. On the other hand, the cabin has too much glass, especially in the van’s sides. It is against the transporter safety and the thieves will surely appreciate it. The cab has also a connection to the rear part of the van, plenty of emergency lights as well as horns are present in the roof. Finally the stickers, which personally I don’t like complete the van’s look.The Police vehicle is also common in Police themes but it has small changes, especially at the back. Plenty of stickers again, but it has no doors or even a decent seat. The car doesn’t even have room transport the prisoner. Definitely is the set’s weakest link. The best part is that it has glass all around the cockpit.The building is of course the main character. The grand floor has the service room and the bank employee has at her disposal one computer, a coffee cup and small cabinet to store the papers. The entrance is quite attractive because it has lots of windows and If the room is full, the costumers have a seat for a better wait. A vase of flowers completes the decoration. The ATM is also mounted at the private space near by the desk.The first floor is kind of private because it has the main deposit. Only the bank’s people will have access to it. Outside, in the wall, a publicity outdoor is well mounted and the roof has a luminous skylight. It must be another chance for the thieves to enter in the building, especially near the deposit. Finally the deposit’s doors: Five stars, quite well designed.The red bike is an ordinary bike, typical of many other sets. The mini figures are also an added value to the collection, specially the business woman, the transporter and the robber with the bag on his back. With more than four hundred pieces and four mini figures, this 2011 set will surely give to the kids (and not only…) many happy hours.

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