Lego City 3368 – Space Center

The Space Center is a 2011’ set with lots of interesting features and enormous playability. It has a big launching platform with lots of accessories, a solid rocket and its carrier, a command center, a satellite ready to be launched, a mini car and four mini figures: two astronauts, a controller and an operational technique.

The rockets carrier is quickly built. A few big pieces in the beginning give this part a robust and strong look. In the edges, four wheel mechanisms guarantee the delicate operation that consists on putting the rocket in the right place. In the middle an attaching mechanism is responsible for the rocker immobilization. Below the structure, two yellow pieces will fit other two in the platform structure.

The Platform, as well as the rocket, is built thinking mainly in the playability instead of the building. They are composed mainly by big pieces, but the final result is quite good. In the ground, we have all the marks and elements on terms of launching and security (yellow pieces, tools, fire extinguishers, and of course the countdown panel).The height structure has three floors. Big red pieces improve very quickly the height’s centre. The first floor is basically the bases to receive the final floor and an intermediate base for the technique. The other floors’ pieces come in bag four, and are responsible four the final mechanisms (supports, launching rails) that will allow the rocket or the satellite launch.At the end, several details will improve the platform’s look and playability. A fuel tank, a supply hose in the first floor, surveillance cameras and plenty of lights, tools and antennas will complete the building. At the end, the building mechanisms will reveal quite a good competence.Talking about the rocket is talking about big pieces, quick and simple building and a good final result. The satellite is very simple too but with a nice design. The support car is the opposite: small, naked with the smallest wheels of Lego’s sets. But I suppose that the plan was exactly that. One last note for the rocket’s cockpit, it could have a seat and a couple more of instruments for the astronaut.

Finally we have the control room. Lots of instruments, screens and an awesome and unusual red phone will guarantee a good operation. The controller will have a perfect view because there is glass in all the room’ length. Besides, that window can open if you wish. In the roof there is a big parabolic with a curious piece: the usual trailer piece.

The mini figures are an added value to the collection specially the astronaut with the gold helmet. By the way, the other doesn’t have the same rights? Or does he have super powers?

Instruction can be found here, if necessary:

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