Lego 3300014 – 2012 Christmas Set

This exclusive and rare set is a beautiful Christmas offer from Lego and can be obtained through two ways: if you’re a Vip member on online store or if you’re lucky enough to be near a Lego store with special Christmas events. The only condition is that you must purchase over fifty dollars in additional sets, which is not very difficult.

The set has over a hundred pieces and comes with four nice mini-figures (two kids, a horseman and a lady), a brown horse, a nice bench over a white snow platform, a street lamp properly decorated with Christmas motives and best of all a red wagon that being so small has enough space for three figures.

The set is obviously very easy and fast to build, and looking to the instructions that are available here, I must say that I’m rather curious with the wagon and with the street lamp details. Globally this is a great addition to any town, especially if you have some seasonal sets such as a winter village for instance.

Please have a look at the gallery, below:

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