Lego 31081- Modular Skate House

The Modular skate House is a new 2018 3×1 Creator set, recently unveiled, with a bit more than four hundred pieces and a lot of details to enjoy. With two mini-figures, a couple of kids, with assorted accessories, this modular house is absolutely my favorite creator set until the moment.

Outside, the fun begins with a big and sloped skateboard ramp that starts in the first floor. In the middle, there is the door to the interior and just next to it, there are not only several different bars to make exercise but also a two floor wall with all the required accessories to be climbed.

The first floor looks also pretty nice with a small balcony with a basketball hoop, a tap with water and the mentioned skate board ramp. Inside there are clearly two divisions, a living room in the ground floor with some seats and a big flat TV and a bedroom in the first floor with a bed and a game console.

In the roof there’s an extra balcony with a surveillance camera where the guys can enjoy the view. The other two building options are also really cool, an extended skate board park with several ramps and alternatively a single floor building with several game machines inside.

Overall, it’s absolutely a really nice option. The main building looks really nice with plenty of fun and playability, the two other options are also quite interesting and the figures, despite being regular kids, are once again nicely accurate. The set should be available next January with a price around the forty dollars.

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