Lego 31079 – Sunshine Surfer Van

The Sunshine Surfer Van is a new Creator set that is available on retail since the beginning of this year. This 3in1 set features exactly three hundred and seventy nine pieces and shows three great building options, where the yellow clearly dominates, to spend some really nice hours of fun.

The Van looks definitely pretty cool and with some nice details to enjoy. The straight lines help to maximize the space and inside there is room for almost everything. At the front, the cab is large enough to carry two decent seats for the couple of figures and the traditional steering wheel.

Looking through the outside, the van looks pretty detailed and presents everything that a vehicle should have: lights, a double windshield rear mirror and a big roof that not only can be easily removed but also is able to carry the bunch of accessories: surfing boards, a sunshade and some more.

Just behind the driver, there’s a big compartment with all the necessary elements for a nice journey: a small kitchen, some seats, a flat TV and even a small bed at the bed. In addition to the removable room, one of the side faces can also be opened which definitely increases the playability.

The other two possible building options are also very interesting:  the first one is a nice colored buggy with a long chassis and two nice seats for the passengers. The second is a very competent watch tower, with lots of nice details and a powerful quad bike with extra size wheels.

Overall, it’s absolutely a really interesting creator set. The three possible building models together with the figures and accessories look very nice (I must say that the watch tower really surprised me) and best of all, it’s already available on retail for around thirty five bucks! Enjoy the set!

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