Lego 31068 – Modular Modern Home

The Modular Modern Home is a new Creator set with around four hundred pieces that will be available on retail next summer. As you can see, this 3×1 set features as the main option, a two floor building with straight lines and lots of interesting details to enjoy.

Besides the Modular House, the set shows also a couple of mini-figures (two regular citizens with nice colored suits), a small electric car for just one person, a nice trampoline, a brick built dog and some additional accessories for the guys where a red radio controlled helicopter highlights from the rest.Lego-31068-modular-modern-home-creator-3

The building isn’t very big but it surely shows some interesting parts, especially on the outside. In the front, the entry is surrounded by two plants as well as the side window which also has some flowers. At the corner, there is an electrical outlet to load the vehicle’s battery which is definitely cute. Inside, there’s living room, a bit naked in my opinion, with a sofa and an extra seat.Lego-31068-modular-modern-home-creator-2

In the first floor, the balcony and the trap door on the roof caught my attention and look absolutely nice. The balcony has space for a chair and a sun shade as well as a small lamp in the corner. Inside the house, there’s a bedroom with two beds and a lamp, and the mentioned trap door on the ceiling.Lego-31068-modular-modern-home-creator

Globally, it’s a very interesting set with plenty of color and features to enjoy. The other two options, a small cottage with a harbor and a boat and a contemporary house are also very nice and the price, around the forty dollars, should not be a con. Have a look at the pictures and enjoy it!

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