Lego 31066 – Space Shuttle Explorer

Here is another new great Creator set! The new Space Shuttle Explorer is a 3in1 box with exactly two hundred and eighty five pieces that features a reasonably detailed space shuttle with some nice elements to enjoy and a single astronaut with accessories. The other two building options are a small space station and a lunar vehicle

Considering the main option, I think that the shuttle looks absolutely fantastic. The traditional shapes are all there, the color scheme is also respected and best of all, it is all built with small pieces, which is excellent in terms of building experience.Lego-31066-Space-Shuttle-Explorer-creator

The cockpit isn’t very big but seems to have the appropriate space for the astronaut and its fat suite. The set box image isn’t clear at this point, but it is also expected that the lonely guy has some handlers to maneuver the space ship and also the satellite, at the back. The roof seems also detachable in order to access the interior.

The satellite (I definitely enjoy those blue translucent pieces) is nicely transported in the main compartment and can be pulled out thanks to a small technic arm, assuming several positions. The tail emerges from the inside, which looks really cool and at the back, the four powerful engines ensure the appropriate speed when it’s time to move fast!Lego-31066-Space-Shuttle-Explorer-creator-1

The other two building options aren’t very clear for now, but I must say that I’m quite curious about them.  Globally for around thirty dollars, it’s absolutely a pretty interesting set. With a really cool design, a nice and perhaps unique mini-figure and a couple of interesting features to enjoy, the set ads also the other two possible models which is awesome in terms of playability. The set should be available on retail next June, with a price around the thirty dollars.

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