Lego 31052 – Vacation Getaways

I must admit that Creator sometimes is not the most enthusiastic theme but fortunately this time it is simply the contrary! The new Vacation Getaways, that will be available only next June is absolutely fantastic and a must in terms of everything: beauty, playability and most of all building experience.

The exact piece count is not known yet, but I would bet something around the six hundred pieces that will feature the big white van, a small trailer with a boat, a brick built bear, a couple of trees and two mini-figures with lots of accessories: a barbecue, a picnic table with two seats, some food, a skate and even a digital machine.Lego-31052-Vacation-Getaways-creator-2

It’s definitely a pity that there aren’t for now any pictures of the interior because it will certainly be awesome in terms of details. Through the set box, it is possible to see a wide cab with a long windshield and a blue steering wheel for the driver. As expected the front has a connection with the rest of the where the guys will probably have a couple of nice beds and some other accessories.

Outside, the van is really cool. Right in the middle there’s a door where the passengers can come in as I only regret the fact of not being a slide door. Next to it there’s also a technic structure with a yellow awning that I think that can be shrunk when the vehicle is in movement.Lego-31052-Vacation-Getaways-creator-1

Right at the back, just like the caravans, both side can be opened and give total access to the interior which is great in terms of playability. On top, the roof is not flat like in most of the cases, this time there are a few projections that might indicate a place for, for instance, a small antenna or an air conditioning machine.

The trailer and the boat are a bit small, compared to the van but they’re also in line with the rest of the set. The boat has space for the two and in the middle it features a small control panel. The table with the chairs and the barbecue are also built with plenty of small pieces which make these accessories even prettier than usual.Lego-31052-Vacation-Getaways-creator

Through the set box, it is possible to see the other building options of this 3×1 creator set: a very beautiful yacht and a house with two floors and a small yellow car. They will certainly be excellent alternatives to this Vacation caravan. Overall it’s absolutely a mandatory deal for the creator fans. The set should be available next summer and retail with a price around the fifty dollars. Enjoy the pictures!

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