Lego 31036 – Toy and Grocery Shop

The Toy and Grocery shop is a new 3 in 1 Creator set that will be part of the new wave of sets, available in the beginning of the year. And it definitely looks quite interesting, featuring a really beautiful building with two small shops, a couple of mini-figures (a lady and a kid) and some additional elements such as a street lamp, a yellow scooter or a small train toy.

Not being completely symmetric, the building has a big arch in the middle that automatically divides the shop in two. In the left, the Toy store has a door on diagonal and a big window at the front that allows seeing some toys inside, namely the small train. Outside, a toy machine ensures that the kids with a single coin might have a new present.

The ladders at the corner give access to the first floor where we can find a small room with what it looks like a lamp. Just above the arch, a black gangway allows the passage between the upper floors and connects the Toy with the Grocery shop. Unfortunately, in the Grocery’s first floor it seems that the room is empty and there is no kind of ladders to access the ground floor.

Going back and returning to the street, we reach the last shop, the Grocery! Similar to the Toy store in terms of look, it has also a glass door and a big window, and inside we can see a small cash register and a few products in a shelf. Outside, the small awning looks quite nice in terms of color and the brown box filled with fresh fruit tries to get the costumers’ attention.

Having a look at the set box, the other two building possibilities aren’t very clear for now but it’s possible to see two different buildings that seem a post office and a couple of twin villas. Aesthetically, they all look pretty nice, with a bunch of really nice details.

Overall it definitely seems a really interesting set. The exact number of pieces is not known yet but I would bet something around the four hundred which put’s this Toy and Grocery shop in a price level around the fifty dollars. The mini-figures are two simple city figures, nothing much, however compared with older sets, it’s almost a privilege to see such a “big quantity” of mini-figures in a creator set. Have a look at the images and enjoy!

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