Lego 31012 – Family House

The Family House is a new creator two story house with more than seven hundred and fifty pieces that will soon be available on stores. This new 3×1 set has besides the outstanding house, a couple of city mini-figures (clearly husband and wife!) and also a yellow convertible, besides the bunch of great accessories all around the house!

Alternatively there are two other models that can be built, namely an unusual factory and an even better looking villa (at least looking at a glance to the available pictures). Looking at the main model it is definitely outstanding and pretty different in some aspect namely in the interior.

The family house is made mostly with a dark red and brown roof and white walls with the exception of one the living room’s fronts which is totally made with glass. It has two floors and globally three distinct sections: the tall living room which has the height of the building, occupying the two levels, a big garage whit more than enough space for the convertible (I guess that it will also handle well with car slightly bigger) and a nice balcony just above it.

Inside, unfortunately through these available pictures, we cannot observe all its details but it’s already possible to see in the room a big arc on the top, a couple of sofas, a small table, the ladders that will lead to the first floor and a big ceiling lamp which is powered and just as many other similar sets, will provide a great light to the living room.

The garage is connect through the inside to the living room and it’s possible to see that its 8 studs wideness will permit to park a bigger car then the small yellow one. At the back there are some small windows and the blue gate uses the same mechanism that some other previous models. Climbing the ladders we come to a nice balcony which has a big and nice barbecue. This one is considerably big which leaves no room for a small table or even a seat.

In the garden there is a bunch of nice details, namely a couple of paths that cross the garden, one for the garage and the other for the living room, there is a big tree at one of the corners and a small lake in the other. Talking about the convertible, honestly it could be prettier, I know that is not easy most of the times to build a car with a small quantity of bricks but that white hoof and the blue seat among the yellow shade, definitely don’t combine!

The most probable seventy dollars seem a fair price for this family house. It is big, amazingly beautiful, I especially enjoy the garage and the ceiling lamp and I am sure that it will be a truly successor of some previous models namely the apple tree hose (5891) and the hillside house (5771). Please have a look at a few additional pictures:

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