Lego 31009 – Small Cottage

The Small Cottage is a new Creator set that has been recently released. It brings three possible building models that basically are a small square cottage, a longer building that easily can be transformed on a corner house and at last a nice tall wind mill. Every one of them is not very big, after all we are talking about a two hundred and seventy one pieces’ set.

Besides the house, the set has also a boy with a skate. I know that this is a creator’s set, but I think that the Creator’s houses should bring at least another additional mini-figure. Fear of being confused with a city set?The main building is very cozy and has an awesome color combination, all that color mix which is common to the three models is really very good and I especially highlight the dark blue bricks of the roof. The couple green plates that represent the garden as well the little blue lake are used on the three models, however, obviously, have different dispositions.

The main cottage has two floors, being the second floor a small penthouse. The ground floor is square and it’s rather interesting because all the fronts are completely different. One is the main entrance with a usual yellow door, another is basically a big glass window, the back is a movable wall, that easily opens to access the interior and increase its playability and finally the fourth is just an ordinary wall with a window in the middle.

The interior is very simple having a small table and a seat, and at the corner a small sink. Outside, the quantity of details increases. At one of the corners there is a nice barbecue, at the entrance we can find a small carpet and a lamp just next to the door. In the garden, properly, there is a small lake and a big table to enjoy some meals, near the barbecue.

In terms of building you will notice that the penthouse is built separately and then attached in the end. And unfortunately in terms of playability it has absolutely nothing in the inside because the inside simply doesn’t exist because it fulfilled with all the bricks required to build the roof. The two white windows are just a small decoration.

The mini-figure is a common creative guy, as simple as possible, but with some nice and interesting accessories such as the blue skate and all the food and drink necessary to have a nice meal. The walls, as well as the roof, are made with two strong colors which in terms of color impact or visual effect is really very pleasant.

The other two models are also valid combination, one is a long but narrow house that uses the same functionality of the main model that allows it to transform on a corner building. Finally there is my favorite of these three possible combinations that is a nice tall mill with two floors. Inside, it is smaller than the cottage, but the back wall opens to give access to a tap and a couple of white carboys. Above this part, there is a simple structure for the big white fan and for a small chimney.

Globally, for twenty five dollars I consider this set a must. It offers a very colored building with three different building options and the fact that it has only a single mini-figure is easily resolved. After all it should not be very hard to add a friend to this little guy, right? If necessary the instructions can be downloaded from here:

Please, have a look at additional pictures:

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