Lego 30320 – Gallimimus Trap

The Gallimimus Trap is a Jurassic World Polybag that will soon be available on retail. It has only twenty nice pieces and brings a small green dinosaur and a small machine that intends to be a trap to catch it. And honestly, I must say that is a pity that it doesn’t feature any mini-figure (a shooter or a vet for instance). It wouldn’t increase too much its price or even its size and would surely give it more interests.

The Dinosaur has a pretty color combination mixing green with dark red and its muzzle expression is definitely very nice. The front members seem also to move which is nice in terms of playability.

The trap machine is built upon a 4*4 plate and includes a few technique pieces. The basic idea is to attract the dino with a piece of meat and neutralize or catch it with the small chain just as it gets very close to the food. In the center it is possible to see a small white square which is probably a small control panel.

The set should retail around the five dollars and will be available next summer with the rest of the theme sets.

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