Lego 30314 – Go Kart Racer

Here is another 2015 city polybag! This little set that will be gradually available on retail (probably only in a few stores…) brings forty five little pieces that feature a little racing car, a mini-figure with a colored racing suite and also a nice racing light built upon a small 2*4 plate.

The Kart looks pretty nice, mixing red and white bricks, and shows all major the details of this type of racing cars. The wheels are very small and placed on the edges, there’s also a small aileron at the front and the pilot has a really nice piloting position protected with a big black bar in his back. The engine isn’t very big (in fact it couldn’t…) and it’s placed just behind the bar.

The mini-figure is also very cool and wears a green and white uniform that remembers the Octane pilots. Finally I especially enjoyed the racing lights. They’re not difficult to build or replicate but definitely they’re an added value on such a small set. Overall for five dollars I will certainly not miss this Kart, the problem once again will be finding it!

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