Lego 30224 – Ride-On Lawn Mower

This is definitely a pretty nice polybag. With only forty two pieces, the Ride on Lawn Mower is a small, rare and interesting vehicle, capable of being integrated in any part of a city. For such a small vehicle it has some quite interesting parts namely the spinning blades at the front that look really very nice.

In terms of building, five minutes are more than enough to put all the parts together including the gardener that has exactly the same uniform(if we forget the green heat…) of other city vehicles (the tow truck 7639 is one of them…).

At the front, the spinning wheels or blades are attached to a couple of technic pieces and can easily rotate when up on a flat surface which is absolutely a nice and realistic feature. Just next t o it, the blue gardener has a nice seat and a couple of handlers to maneuver the Mower (a steering wheel and perhaps a blade shift) and even a small windshield.

Finally at the back, the small engine is covered with a long green hood which in my opinion gives the vehicle an additional touch in terms of realism. Being already available on retail, it only costs four dollars, unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure yet to trip over it in my local stores which I think it won’t take long…

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