Lego 21302 – The Big Bang Theory

The latest Lego Ideas set, the big bang theory, has recently been revealed by Lego. The set has exactly four hundred and seventy nice pieces and features an extremely detailed living room with seven characters of the respective TV show: Sheldon, Howard, Amy, Leonard, , Raj, Bernadette, and Penny.

The Living room looks amazingly detailed with a couple of sofas and a round table in the center, a book case with several different colored books and a few objects such as a globe, a trophy or even what it seems to be a rocket. At a corner, there is also a brown desk with a lamp, with two or three accessories and an additional bookcase.

The mini-figures look awesome, with plenty of nice details everywhere, especially in their torsos and overall I would certainly highlight the entire colored environment that this living room shows. The only con would probably be, in my opinion, the lack of playability, however I think that those who achieve this set are certainly aware of it and obviously that is not its major purpose.

The Big bang theory will start retailing next August with a retail price around the sixty dollars. Please have a look at the gallery and enjoy!

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