Lego 21109 – Finally the Exo-Suit official images

In the last days, there were plenty of news about the new Lego Ideas Set, the Exo-suit, however, only today the official images have started surfing in the internet. As far as I can see through the first feedbacks, the set has everything to be a success.

The suit is extremely detailed with plenty of small pieces everywhere and of course a bunch of different elements and mechanisms. At the first glance I especially enjoyed the cockpit and the couple of big claws that seem to easily grab the yellow barrels.With three hundred and twenty one pieces, the set, besides the exo-suit, brings also a small turtle, a couple of barrels and two amazing green astronauts that this time have name, Pete and Yve, which is a sort of tribute to the set’s creator and his girlfriend. With a price around the thirty dollars it will star retailing next August. Enjoy the pics!


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