Lego 2017 Ninjago – The Official Pictures

Now it’s time for Ninjago, one of the most enthusiastic Lego themes. The next wave will show eight new sets, based on the series Lego Ninjago – the hands of time, and there is surely a lot to enjoy, no matter your wallet size is!

The new set list includes the Vermillion Attack (70621), Desert Lightning (70622), Destiny’s Shadow (70623), Vermillion Invader (70624), the Samurai VXL (70625), Dawn of Iron Doom (70626) and finally the biggest of all with more than a thousand pieces, the Dragon’s Forge (70627).lego-ninjago-70621-70622-70623-70624-70625-70626-70627

The sets will be available in the beginning of the year and presumably will retail between the ten dollars from the entry, the Vermillion Attack set, to a hundred bucks of the Dragon forge. Have a look at them right away!

70621 – The Vermillion Attacklego-ninjago-70621 lego-ninjago-70621-170622 – Desert Lightninglego-ninjago-70623 lego-ninjago-70622-1

70623 – Destiny’s Shadowlego-ninjago-70623 lego-ninjago-70623-1

70624 – Vermillion Invaderlego-ninjago-70624 lego-ninjago-70624-170625 – Samurai VXL lego-ninjago-70625 lego-ninjago-70625-1

70626 – Dawn of Iron Doomlego-ninjago-70626 lego-ninjago-70626-1

70627 – Dragon’s Forge lego-ninjago-70627 lego-ninjago-70627-1

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