Lego 2017 Marvel Super Heroes Pictures

Official pictures of three new Marvel Super Heroes Sets have been unveiled by Amazon Japan, showing three small /medium boxes with some interesting vehicles (I love that red convertible!!)), pretty nice details to enjoy and of course, as always awesome mini-figures.

The sets are:  Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076 and 160 pieces), Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077 and 377 pieces) and Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078 and 375 pieces), and will be available on retail next

Have a look at them:

76076 – Captain America Jet Pursuitlego-marvel-super-heroes-76076 lego-marvel-super-heroes-76076-1

76077 – Iron Man : Detroit Steel Strikeslego-marvel-super-heroes-76077 lego-marvel-super-heroes-76077-1

76078 – Hulk vs. Red Hulklego-marvel-super-heroes-76078 lego-marvel-super-heroes-76078-1

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