Lego 2016 Nexo Knights – Set Box Images

Now that the images of the new Nexo Knights theme are available I honestly don’t know what to think. I agree with the general idea that this is a sort of mix between Ninjago and Castle but I still have my doubts about its future success.

Among these new seven boxes there are certainly a lot of great details, lots of color and a high level of playability but there is still something that didn’t convince me at all. The wave itself has sets of different sizes, being the entry set the small Knighton Battle Blaster that should retail below the ten dollars and the biggest, the already known for a while, the

Just like the rest of the themes, the sets should be shortly available in and next month in the general retail.

70310 – Knighton Battle Blasterlego-nexo-knights-70310

70311 – Chaos Catapultlego-nexo-knights-70311

70312 – Lance’s Mecha Horselego-nexo-knights-70312

70313 – Moltor’s Lava Smasherlego-nexo-knights-70313

70314 – Beast Master’s Chaos Chariotlego-nexo-knights-70314

70315 – Clay’s Rumble Bladelego-nexo-knights-70315

70316 – Jestro’s Evil Mobilelego-nexo-knights-70316

70317 – The Fortrexlego-nexo-knights-70317

70324 – Merlok’s Library 2.0

70327 – The King’s Mechlego-nexo-knights-70327

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