Lego 2014 Summer Sets – The first pictures

Pictures of several summer sets have appeared today in the internet probably from a retail catalog. As they’re confidential I won’t post them but you can have a look at it right here. Some of the images are already quite satisfactory to have the first impressions and I must say that I’m quite excited about new trains that are coming up.

The new high speed passengers train (60051), at the first glance, makes remember the older 7897, passenger train, with plenty of aerodynamic and white shades and one of its pictures reveals a new set that I haven’t seen mentioned before: a new railway level crossing.

The new railway station (60050) isn’t very clear for now but seems to have a new aesthetic compared to the 7937 station. The other new train, the cargo (60052), shows a new blue locomotive very similar to the 7898 and for now, unfortunately, all the rest of the vehicles namely the truck or the carriages still a mystery…

The Creator Bike shop and Café looks also very nice, despite the yellow car which honestly looks a bit ugly. The Arctic sets are also amazing with plenty of orange stuff and a few different vehicles, the research station looks also quite big and finally we’ll see some new animals namely Siberian husky dogs and a big white bear!

In Star Wars it is also possible to see the new AT-AT and the Imperial star Destroyer and finally there are also a couple of themes, namely Friends and Super heroes, that being present in a few pictures aren’t however conclusive in terms of details. Have a look at the news in this link!

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