Lego 2014 Rumors – The Roller Coaster continues with Lego Movie and Lord of the Rings set names

The last days have been rich in terms of news and rumors almost all the time with Eurobricks in the center of the attention. This time, the new Lego Movie and the next wave of Lord of The rings sets came with two new set lists, the first one features ten new set form which one, Super Cycle Chase is the only known and the second will bring for now five additions to the theme.

Unfortunately for now, the LOTR set numbers are still unknown however it is possible to preview a few details as well as its mini-figures. The Lego Movie sets prices starts at 15 dollars and goes until seventy bucks for the Lord Business Evil Lair which for now seems to be the head set of this theme.

Personally I’m quite curious about these two themes especially after the presentation of the Super Cycle Chase (70808) and after the first images of the Hobbit sets.

Have a look at some additional details:

LEGO Movie Set List:

  • Lego 70800 – Getaway Glider – $14.99
  • Lego 70801 – Melting Room – $14.99
  • Lego 70802 – Bad Cop’s Pursuit – $24.99
  • Lego 70803 – Cloud Cuckoo Palace – $19.99
  • Lego 70804 – Ice Cream Machine – $19.99
  • Lego 70805 – Trash Chomper – $29.99
  • Lego 70806 – Castle Cavalry – $14.99
  • Lego 70807 – MetalBeard’s Duel – $29.99
  • Lego 70808 – Super Cycle Chase – $34.99
  • Lego 70809 – Lord Business’ Evil Lair – $69.99

Lord of the Rings Set List:

  • The Mirror of Galadriel – It contains a small mirror, a statue and two mini-figures: Frodo in a plain shirt and Galadriel. Retail Price: $12.99
  • Amon Hen Ambush – with 3 mini-figures (Uruk Hai, Boromir, and Merry). It will feature a small set of steps and the palantir tower. Retail Price: $25.99
  • The Defence of Osgiliath – Includes 4 mini-figures (Orcs, a Gondor Knight, and maybe a Ranger) and a Small orc boat and ruins. Retail Price: $40.00
  • Witch King Showdown – It will bring Fellbeast and small grassy area and includes four mini-figures (the Witch King, Theoden, a Rider of Rohan, Nazgul) and a white horse. Retail Price: $60.00
  • The Battle of Minas Tirith – Features Gandalf, 2 Gondor Knights, 3 or 4 Orcs, a troll, and Pippen. The Set has a large gate at ground level, two levels with a small house and the citadel. Also includes an Orc catapult outside the city. Retail Price: $120.00

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