Lego 2012 Super Packs – Cars, Friends and Technic

These are just the kind of gifts that I would love to be presented in Christmas. They combine playability, lots of mini-figures, beauty and an excellent value for money. Some references sites recently mentioned the launch of new super packs for these three themes: cars, Friends and Technic.

The three have normally different market target to reach, but all of them try to offer the best possible product with a nice discount. This year, at the moment, all of the three themes have a super pack ready to be launched and I have special curiosity to see the technic package (that will be the Lego 66433) because with it will come the tow truck, a nice Quad ATV and a power set.On the other hand, the Cars superpack (Lego 66409) will have five racing cars, MCqueen and Francesco included, and looking at its size will be surely the cheapest one. Finally the Friends pack (Lego 66435 will include four sets!!) will combine a house and a car with plenty of nice features and beautiful pets. The girls will surely love it.

Please take a look at the detailed sets as well as some available images:

Lego Technic 66433

9395 – Pick-Up Tow Truck

9392 – Quad Bike

8293 – Motor Set

Lego Cars 66499

8201 – Radiator Springs Classic Mater

9478 – Francesco Bernoulli

9485 – Ultimate Race Set

Lego Friends 66435

 3061 City Park Cafe

3183 Stephanie’s Cool Convertible

3934 Mia’s Puppy House

3936 Emma’s Fashion Design Studio

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