Lego 2012 Fun Weekend in Denmark

Last weekend, Skærbæk at Denmark was stage of one of the most interesting Lego events of the last months. As we can see in the official website, more than three hundred Lego fans from twenty countries worked really hard to make this even happen with such a great beauty. My sincere congratulations not only to all of them but also to the photographer who made an excellent job.

Below, at the extended gallery, or at flickr you can find a lot of big and detailed unique creations from the most various scenarios: buildings, road vehicles, trains, farms, official building, technical cars (there was even a big blue Veyron among others) and extra detailed train stations, everything was there.The 2012 Olympic Stadium at London also had a special attention with an huge creation of several thousands of pieces. Punctually, in the next pictures you will find standard models but honestly they were literally swallowed by the amazing Mocs.

Enjoy the next pictures and please have a close look to the boat sinking into the water. Simply amazing!!

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