Lego 10739 – Shark Attack

A new Lego Ninjago movie set has been unveiled on Amazon Japan. The shark Attack is a Junior set with around two hundred pieces and shows some nice elements to play with: A shark vehicle, a red motorcycle, some fighting training elements that include weapons and three mini-figures: Kai, Lloyd, and Great White .

And it’s hard not to look at the shark car at the first glance, because it’s definitely very cute with all the grey shark shapes. But besides that, the vehicle has also a nice cockpit for Great White and a couple of flick fire missiles. The couple of fins placed aside the driver, can also assume multiple angles.Lego-10739-Shark-Attack-ninjago-junior-2

Red’s motorcycle is not properly a new model, but the piloting position and the flames that come out from the engine are surely positive points.  In terms of the training elements, they’re look quite realistic and more than enough for the guys to have some good training sessions.

In terms of mini-figures, nothing to say, they’re awesome as usual in this theme. For around twenty dollars I think that this looks a pretty interesting set. It’s has a lot of potential in terms of playability with the shark car assuming a highlight position. The set should be available next summer, just like the rest of the Ninjago Movie sets.

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