Lego 10251 – Brick Bank

The new Creator modular set has been revealed this weekend. The Brick Bank holds the expert stamp and features exactly two thousand and three hundred and eighty pieces that besides the corner building (the first one since the Palace Cinema!) will feature five new mini-figures (a bank manager, secretary, teller, and a mom and child ) with plenty of nice accessories.

It’s hard to describe a new modular building without mentioning the generic usual stuff: it’s awesome, pretty nice detailed on every part, and it’s surely a single experience in terms of building tasks. But this time it has more than this, the building has a unique and sober design, perfect for a big bank, it is possible to identify two distinct floors with an endless numbers of features to enjoy. The two levels are built separately and can be easily detached from each other to access the interior and increase its great playability. On the roof, which is also detachable, there is a nice skylight with plenty of small windows that will provide an extra luminosity to the lower

The ground floor has a big atrium just at the entrance where is possible to see, already inside the facilities, a big safe box with a yellow lever and a black ladder that will way to the first floor. At the corner and completely independent from the bank, only with access from the outside, there is a small Laundromat with four laundry machines and more than enough space for the

Upstairs we can find the Bank’s headquarters with two distinct offices, one for the general manager and another for his secretary. Both are quite well detailed with desks, a type writer, a wall clock, desk, typewriter, a cabinet with opening drawers, a small fireplace, an espresso machine and even a printed portrait.

Outside, the aesthetic is also in a high level. Each floor has a different design but the wall keeps the same sober style with long arched windows and big columns. The side walk is in line with the rest of the modular buildings, with no studs, and the bank has an awesome entry with a big nice door and a highly detailed sculpture just above

In the corner there a big black street clock that together with a bench a street lamp and a tree compose the exterior elements. The Laundromat has a separated entry with a funny trousers piece just above the door. On top at the roof, there’s a small winch that allows pulling a machine in order to put it aside the blue trousers and complete the Laundromat

Globally, it’s another outstanding modular building that joins the collection. The pins, placed on the edges, allow it, as always, to be attached to another modular and I guess that it will keep the high level among the others. The mini-figures are also pretty nice with lots of different colors and the only con that I see in the moment is the price: Hundred and seventy bucks is a reasonable amount but let’s not forget that we’re talking about almost two thousand an four hundred bricks, which puts it line with the rest of the theme . The set should be available next January during the next wave of releases. Have a look at the official press release:

10251 Brick Bank

Ages 16+. 2,380 pieces.

US $169.99 – CA $219.99 – DE 149.99€ – UK £119.99 – DK 1399.00 DKK

*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

Make a safe deposit at the Brick Bank!

Make a secure deposit at the highly respected Brick Bank, featuring an array of intricate details and hidden surprises. Easy-to-remove building sections provide access to the detailed interior, comprising a bank with an atrium foyer, tiled floor, arched windows, ornate chandelier, lockable vault and a transaction counter with security glass; a laundromat with printed window, tiled floor and 4 laundry machines; plus 2 second-floor offices with an array of detailed furniture, fixtures and accessories. The exterior of the building features a detailed sidewalk and an elaborate façade with carving and statue décor, decorative roofline, large arched windows, central balcony, clock and an accessible roof terrace featuring a large skylight.

Includes 5 minifigures: a bank manager, secretary, teller, and a mom and child.

The Brick Bank features a bank, secretary’s office, bank manager’s office, laundromat and a detailed façade and sidewalk.

Bank features an atrium foyer with wide, arched entrance, triangular-patterned floor tiling, ornate chandelier, oxidized-copper colored skylight, transaction counter with hidden alarm buttons and security glass, and a bank vault with safe deposit boxes and a large round door.

Laundromat features a printed window, tiled floor and 4 laundry machines.

Secretary’s office features a wall clock, desk, typewriter, cabinet with opening drawers, fireplace and an espresso machine.

Bank manager’s office features a large desk with banker’s lamp and approval stamp, leather-look chair, printed portrait, statue and a cabinet.

Accessory elements include a mug, document, camera, candy, blank white paper, chrome-golden coins, 1 chrome- golden bar and banknotes.

Remove the building sections to access the detailed interior.

Unlock the bank vault to access the safe deposit boxes.

Visit the laundromat for a spot of laundering.

Stack coins with the coin counting machine.

Special elements include a printed prize check, printed ground-floor windows, a special printed portrait in the bank manager’s office, plus rare, sand-blue and dark-green bricks, and sand-green window frames.

Collect and build an entire town with the LEGO® Creator Expert Modular Building series 10243 Parisian Restaurant and 10246 Detective’s Office.

Brick Bank measures over 10” (26cm) high, 10” (25cm) wide and 10” (25cm) deep.

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