Lego 10245 – The first pic of the Santa’s Workshop

The new creator winter set that will star retailing only in the end of the year has just started circulating in internet, namely in hothbricks. Personally I love these winter theme, not only because of the sets themselves and all of its color and beauty, but also because of their set boxes that usually are always amazing carrying all that winter and Christmas spirit.

The new Santa’s workshop seems to follow the rule. Among a few hundred of pieces and, as you can see through the single picture, the set will bring six mini-figures (four little elves, Santa and Mrs. Claus) as well as a considerable building, five brick built reindeer, a sleigh and lots of additional elements to play with.

There is no additional information about its exact size, but it’s not easy to imagine a few hundred pieces inside the box that will certainly put this set between the fifty or sixty dollars.

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