Lego 10242 – Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is a highly detailed Creator Expert Set that has been unveiled in the past hours and will be available only for Vip access in a first stage (since July 18th until the end of the month) and from August beyond to global retail.

The set features exactly one thousand and seventy seven pieces and includes not only the green Mini Cooper but also a countryside environment with a brown picnic basket, a red blanket and some food.

The car is absolutely gorgeous. Inspired in the original model, it brings a nice color scheme, all green painted with the exception of the white roof. Besides the aesthetic part, the first thing that caught my attention is that everything single part is made with an extreme detail, there are no individual bricks or plates for instance for the hood or for the roof. Every part of the vehicle is simply made with plenty of small pieces which make this set a must in terms of building experience.

No matter where you look, there is an associated interaction, the hoof at the front opens and shown a detailed engine, the roof is removable and gives access to the interior where the patterned seats, the dashboard, the steering wheel, the hand break and the gear box are simple awesome. At the back, the trunk has space for the basket and the picnic’s blanket.

Despite all this, there are plenty of details that we only see in this type of set such as the turning wheel and all the respective mechanism, the fog lights at the front, the white painted stripes in the hood, the rear mirrors and the door handles, and even, for instance, the way that the side doors open. Everything is simple awesome.

Hundred dollars doesn’t seem expensive for this vehicle. It brings style, building experience, playability and a bunch of unusual features, which is not easy to find together in an individual set. Overall this is simply a must that cannot be wasted for sure. Have a look at the gallery and the official press release:

 Lego 10242 – MINI Cooper

10242 MINI Cooper

Ages 16+. 1,077 pieces.

Take this MINI Cooper for a nostalgic drive down memory lane!

US $99.99 – CA $119.99 – AU $149.99 – DE 89.99€ – UK £74.99 – DK 799.00 DKK

*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

Experience the iconic MINI Cooper first hand, with its classic lines, detailed interior and fun picnic theme.

Take the iconic MINI Cooper for a drive! This beautifully crafted LEGO® brick replica of the classic MINI Cooper Mk VII is full of authentic details, from the classic green and white color scheme with white wing mirrors and racing stripes, to the opening doors, hood and trunk, sporty fog lights, detailed engine and separate spare tire compartment. You can even remove the roof to access a tan colored interior with patterned seats, veneer-style dashboard, turning steering wheel, and moving gearshift and handbrake. And of course, no MINI Cooper would be complete without a picnic basket and blanket, the perfect accessories for a cozy day in the countryside!

Features opening doors, hood and trunk, spare wheel in separate compartment, detailed engine and 2 fog lights.

Accessories include a picnic basket, bottle and blanket for nostalgic picnic theme.

Authentic replica of the MINI Cooper Mk VII.

Classic green and white color theme with white wing mirrors and racing stripes.

Lift the hood to reveal the detailed engine.

Remove the roof and access the detailed interior.

Go on a countryside picnic with this iconic classic!

MINI Cooper measures over 4” (11cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.


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