Lego 10236 – Ewok Village

Gladly the rumors came true. The Ewok Village has been unveiled yesterday and the final result couldn’t be better. If you’re looking for a star war set, completely different from space ships or battle vehicles, please have a look at this one, it recreates a few scenes of the episode six, namely the treetop home of the Ewoks.

This awesome set has almost two thousand pieces and is basically constituted by the Ewok forest that includes four big trees, each one with two levels made with several shades of brown and a bunch of different green branches, a central platform at the first level, where most of the features take action, a nice catapult, a usual speeder and… seventeen mini-figures.

Yes, seventeen (!!!), from which five are new and exclusive. And the new guys are: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, two Storm trooper, two Scout Trooper, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo two Rebel Commando, R2-D2 and five Ewoks: Wicket, Logray, a Ewok Warrior, Chief Chirpa and Teebo. This is completely outstanding, it is difficult to find a Lego Set with such a quantity of mini-figures!

As you can see in the pictures, the set is highly detailed and most of all with a great color combination. There are weapons everywhere, almost everyone is armed and it is easy to find several types of weapons namely spears, light sabers, blasters, a couple of crossbows, rifles and even light sabers.

Talking about features, it is not possible yet for obvious reasons to have a clear opinion about all of them, namely its playability, but the list is definitely huge. First of all, I must say that I love that bridge. Built with many small pieces, it looks at the same time quite stable for the mini-figures, most of all thanks to the single stud pieces that allow the mini-figures to stuck to the bridge.

But of course, there is plenty of more: The Ewoks seem to have some rooms, namely a bedroom, a small food compartment and a planning room, and all around the village we can find a nice hideout, catapults, a speeder rammer function, an elevating throne and even a spider web at one of the corners.

Overall, this is definitely a must for the fans. The playability is high, the design is on a high level and most of all this is surely a new set in terms of concept because succinctly this time there are no space ships! The worst part? Obviously the price. I ‘m not saying that is not fair, according to the number of pieces, but two hundred and fifty bucks is pretty heavy, although if certainly worth it. Please have a look at all the details in the extended gallery:

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