Lego 10233 – Add some power functions to the Horizon Express

Most of you have certainly thought “what a great train, it’s such a pity that that it is not electrified”. There are some reasons for that and I guess that the most important is definitely the price. If we think that it has a retail price around the hundred and thirty dollars it would certainly have a prohibitive price if it had all the power accessories.

And in fact, if we look at the Lego store, it surely has, because the new Horizon Express Kit that has not only the orange train but also all the necessary equipment, costs the gigantic value of three hundred and seventy five dollars. It is definitely another train with the addition of all the power functions, but you have to be brave to spend such a huge amount!

But, what are the necessary accessories? Well the answer is simple but a bit extensive; let’s have a look at the following list:

IR Speed Remote Control (8879)

Rechargeable Battery Box (8878)

Light Set (8870)

Train Motor (88002)

Receiver (8884)

Transformer 10V DC (8887)

These six accessories are responsible for the all the power functions and can easily be found separately in the internet and whether the choice made, the final result is definitely a huge train with endless beauty and playability!


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