Lego 10229 – Winter Village Cottage

This new winter set has been recently revealed and looks like a good deal, with unusual features and plenty of new stuff. With almost one thousand and five hundred pieces it has eight mini-figures (basically a family with seven members and the truck’s driver), a nice house, typical of chilly places, an old truck with a unusual design, an igloo with a removable roof, a small warehouse with a workbench and an outside corner space to store the wood.

The main building is definitely very beautiful which is normally usual in this theme. A long white and sloping roof with a long chimney at the corner and plenty of colored lights automatically transport us to the Christmas season. Made with several different colors, inside it has plenty of space, with three different rooms and plenty of tools and accessories. There is a living room in the ground floor with a nice fireplace, which has a nice light brick in order to look even bigger and beautiful, and a big Christmas tree and next to it a small kitchen. Above it, in the first floor, there is a nice bedroom with a detailed bed and a lamp next to it. In terms of building, the house it is surely very pleasant because besides all the details there are plenty of different colors everywhere. Outside, the beauty is even better. Not only because of the windows, but also the big grey chimney, the tall lamp and the couple of trees are surely nice details that improve the building quality. On the other hand, the fun begins with the bunch of nice accessories that the set has: The igloo with a removable roof, the skis for the kids, a nice snow sled and a powerful chainsaw to arrange firewood are some of the features and tools that can be found in the set. Finally, a special comment about the truck. The structure and the building are different from the usual city trucks, this one is definitely from the first half of the last century but looks very competent. It has a snowplough that can be easily removed and stored at the trunk and its chassis is higher than usual which is easily explained with the bigger wheels.

Globally looks like a nice deal, because for about hundred dollars you will get a thousand and four hundred and eighty seven bricks and above that, it will surely be a unique addition to the town for a fair price. Please take a look at the gallery below:

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