Lego 10228 Monster Fighters – The Haunted House

The Haunted House is the biggest Monster Fighter set with more than two thousand pieces. This spectacular set, released last September, is composed by two elements: the big abandoned mansion and a gate with a couple of symmetric walls. Besides those, the set has also six nice mini-figures: The Zombie chief and the Butler (these two are exclusive of the set), two ghosts, Lord Vampire and the Vampire’s bride.

The big mansion has three floors each one of them with amazing details. Everywhere you look will seems abandoned which attests that one of the main goals of this set, its realism,  has been successfully reached (Well, the truth is that in my opinion every goals that this set had was clearly achieved – except the low price, of course…).

The predominant colors, green and grey combined with the brown boards in the windows, are surely a good color option. Every floor have tall columns each one of them with a scary face and mostly in the ground floor the broken windows have all attached boards to prevent the curious entries (as if someone were interested to enter…). A couple of dry bushes are also very nice because are both a bit rare to find.

There are two possible doors to go inside: one in the main entrance that will lead to a hall that the only thing that has inside is some ladders to the first floor. The other option is enter through the kitchen, which being a bit smaller is much cozy, in my opinion. The small entry with a nice shed is really very nice.

One of the greatest features of this set is that the enormous building opens symmetrically giving access to all the inside features.  In the ground floor we have the entrance, which as I said has only a ladder to the first floor and the kitchen with some old rustic style: there is an old table, a stove with some old pan and a big spider web at the corner.

In the first floor there is a bed room all made with brown bricks and an old abandoned wardrobe.  The paintings on the wall (I guess these ones are stickers) aren’t also in good shape.  On the other side there is just a small room with a place for the mail and a small seat. Curiously in the bed room there is a pot with a nice and fresh flower. I wonder who waters it…

Finally, on the second floor we have an abandoned room with much stuff that hasn’t been used for a long time ago, as well as a retractable ladder to access it from the first floor. With a simple mechanism it will easily open. There is a store box, some bottles, a bowl and even an old gramophone with two discs.

Globally, if we forget its price for a few moment, this set is surely indispensable not only to the monster fighters fans but also for instance for any kind of city. The big building which can easily grow twice its area(in terms of its face in front of a street) along with the bunch of features and details that it has is definitely a great set to achieve, as long has you have hundred and eighty dollars to spend for it. Have a look, please,at the extended galley:

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