Lego 10199 – Winter Village Toy Shop

The Village Toy shop is a nice winter set. All the color, the environment and the extensive features and details makes this set a must for any town. The main attraction is obviously the building but the big tree also has a good part of the highlights, not only because of its beauty but also because of its size.

The shop is a nice village house, based on wood colors and some nice white roofs. I talk in plural because the house is clearly divided in two parts where the bigger tower, in the first floor is truly a nice work-shop with a bunch of tools and accessories, some of them quite unusual, to fix the kids’ toys and bring all the Christmas happiness.The ground floor is rather decent in my opinion. There are a couple of beautiful toys in exposition, including a locomotive (it’s impressive the realism of a model made with less than ten pieces), a small balcony with a register at the entrance and at the corner, there is a big fireplace with some incredible flames. The floor is also unusual because it is all lined with brown flat pieces, remembering the wood.Outside, the building is also very pleasant.  There is some Christmas illumination in the walls, and the contrast white/brown is definitely well conceived. The small trees, the snow man and the six nice mini-figures as well as the nice big Christmas tree surely do the rest.  Talking about this one it is made with a base of technic pieces (who would say so…) and a few levels of tree brunches, all attached to a central and long piece. Indeed, very ingenious.Globally it is a nice addition to any town. With more than eight hundred pieces and seven mini-figures, including two kids, the set is not very expensive if we attend to the total of pieces. Sixty dollars is a good price but on the other hand makes us think that for that amount, there are many other sets with a lot more of playability.

If necessary the instructions are available on the following links:


Please take a look at some photos, below:

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