Legends of Chima – Some new pictures were released

The Legends of Chima’s Mini-site recently released some new pictures of what is coming up in the beginning of the year. Rumors in the internet also speculate that this theme will be on sale for at least two year which are definitely good news. They are surely very but however in my opinion they don’t add too much to the set boxes ‘pictures recently revealed.

In the few images below we can see some details about for instance the big Cragger’s Croc-Boat Centre (70006), as well as the ultimate tournament speedorz (70115). Just as Ninjago, I still have me reserves about this theme wondering if there will be a set that will worth to achieve.But just as Ninjago has a lot of fans,

the Legend of Chima has also everything to have success among the Lego community. But unfortunately I think it is not my case. Have a look at these new pictures:

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