Legends of Chima – New Lego theme for 2013

About a month ago, several reference sites mentioned that a couple of trademarks had been registered by Lego. One of them was legends of Chima. The Chima was an indian tribe that existed in the territory where the so called Lake exists. It is easy then to understand the kind of sets and environment that will surely appear.

A bunch of sets is already planned and also numbered although the release dates are still unknown. This Amerindian theme is planned to be released by the time when Ninjago starts to retire – perhaps next summer. However there are some known sets which can preview not only a bunch of features and playability, but also and detailed mini-figures.There will be a Wolf Tracker, a Ultra Striker, a Disc Shooting and an eagle jet among other. But, please take a look at this detailed list:

70000 Razcal’s Raven Glider

70001 Crawley’s Reptile Gripper

70002 Lennox’s Lion Buggy

70003 Eris’ Eagle Hunter

70004 Wakz’ Wolf Tracker

70005 Laval’s Lion Quad

70006 Cragger’s Croc-Boat Headquarters

700012 Razar’s Chi Robber

70013 Equila’s Ultra Striker

70100 Speedorz Fire Ring

70101 Speedorz Target Practice

70102 Chi Waterfall

70103 Speedorz Rock Bowling

70104 Jungle Gates

70105 Nest Jump

70106 Speedorz Ice Tower

70113 Starter Set Chi Tournament

70115 Ultimate Tournament

The sets are in reasonable number however the available pictures are almost null. Surely until the end of the year many extra details will certainly be revealed.

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