HeartLake Performance School (41134) First Look

A picture containing the new Friends Heartlake Performance School (41134) has been unveiled on Lego Rebrick, showing, despite the small size and resolution of the picture, some of the main details of this new set that will have exactly seven hundred and seventy four pieces.

The set box shows a nice building with two floors, a yellow bus that is causing a lot of expectation, a small stage, an outside table with some seats, three mini-dolls (Andrea, Mia and Emma? – through the picture it’s not 100% clear…) and the usual number of tools and accessories for the girls!lego-41134-HeartLake-Performance-School-friends

I’m quite curios to see more details, especially of the yellow school bus that seems to have a nice design and a great playability mostly due to the big and wide side door. It won’t take long to see it on stores and probably, according to the piece count with a price between seventy and eight dollars.lego-41134-HeartLake-Performance-School-friends-1

Via Brickset

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