Have a look at some new Legends of Chima’s Mini-figures

The first wave of Chima’s sets brought us several new mini-figures of different tribes such as the Lions, the Crocodiles, Eagles and even the Wolves. That was surely a respectable list of great additions but as you possible know, a few more tribes were reserved or planned for the summer wave of new sets.

Below, in the couple of pictures you can have a clear look about two new tribes: the Foxes and the Gorillas. Unfortunately there are a few more tribes that still missing and those are the Rhinoceroses, the Bears and the Skunks. Some of them are probably in the picture but from this angle is impossible to be sure.Starting by the foxes, you can see three of them and they surely look rather detailed. Both torsos and legs are amazingly printed, we can even see its tails at the back, but curiously none of them has a little Chi – the source power – circle. On the other hand, with the exception of the black one, they look very peaceful. I known that normally the foxes look cunning but these ones seem that never seen the world of Chima!

Having a look at the Gorillas they look a bit more terrifying.  The masks have the some colors and printing that the rest of the body and it’s a pity that we’re not able to see yet their printed faces without their masks.

Finally and looking to the rest of the mini-figures present in the pictures there are some known guys but there are also a couple of new elements such as for instance the white wolf. It‘s simply great, very nice indeed!

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