Lego 70168 – Drillex Diamond Job

The Drillex Diamond Job is a new Ultra Agents set that has just hit stores. With three hundred and twelve pieces, it features a double driller vehicle, ready to attack and steal the museum, two mini-figures (an ultra agent and Drillex) with assorted weapons, a small Diamond stand and a cool mini driller.

Through the official images, I would say that this Driller isn’t just an ultra agent vehicle. Technic gives also a big contribution to the powerful machine because everywhere you look, it is possible to see a lot of technic bricks.

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Lego 70167 – Invizable Gold Gateway

The Invizable Gold Gateway is a Ultra Agents set that has arrived stores in the beginning of the year. With exactly two hundred and thirty six pieces, it brings a nice convertible stealth bike, a small flyer, a safe box with a chain and two mini-figures: Invizable and the ultra agent Steve Zeal.

The Stealth bike is a Ultra Agents vehicle with an awesome aesthetic and lots of interesting details. The two wheels are constituted by a couple of black dishes each, connected through a few technique elements. The ultra agent seat is outstanding, mostly thanks to the curved and transparent windshield that can assume several positions whether the pilot is seated or not. At its front, Steve has a printed piece control panel to handle the vehicle.

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Lego 70171 – Ultrasonic Showdown

The Ultrasonic Showdown is a new Ultra Agents set that will be available next summer. With around two hundred pieces, it features an Ultra Agents Jet and a mini-droid that together will fight Professor Brainstein with his fearful robot suit, and an additional mini-figure, Agent Curtis Bolt that will pilot the plane.

The big attraction is obviously the jet that being mostly built with black pieces mixed with a few transparent pieces, presents some really nice features to enjoy. And the first one is just at the front with a really nice cockpit protected by an oval windshield that is easily opened, giving access to the interior were we can find what it seems a round control panel and a few handlers.

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Lego 70170 – Ultracopter vs AntiMatter

The Ultracopter seems absolutely one of the best Ultra Agents sets of the new 2015 first wave of releases. The set besides the Ultra Agents heli, features also four mini-figures (the agents Solomon Blaze, Caila Phoenix and Max Burns and the evil AntiMatter) and a small flying for Antimatter.

The Helicopter is incredibly big, with more than six hundred pieces, measuring around forty six centimeters full of really nice features from one edge to another. Built mostly with black bricks, it mixes also plenty of blue transparent pieces which definitely give the vehicle a very cool look.

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Lego 70169 – 4×4 Agent Patrol

Images and details of the new 4×4 Agent Patrol have finally been unveiled. This new Ultra Agents set is considerably big with four hundred and seventy five pieces and features besides the vehicle, a small Mech, a dog and four mini-figures: Toxikita, Jack Fury, a Scientist, and a Ultra agent.

The 4×4 looks very cool. With the traditional color scheme, it is built up on a structure all made with technic pieces, not only in terms of chassis but also in terms of suspension. The wheels are extra large and capable of surpassing any obstacle, giving the vehicle a very sturdy look.

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